Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Seriously Good Baguette

I love baguette! In general I've been trying to cut back on bread but I've found a baguette that I'll make an exception for. 'Naked Appy Bread' by A Bread Affair is an incredible baguette that is as good, if not better, than any baguette I've had in Paris. My husband and I go through several a week.

A Bread Affair was created in 2006 by master baker Tanya Belanger. She had a desire to make the best tasting and best quality bread in British Columbia and she has succeeded. Each loaf is organic and is lovingly hand crafted by a small group of artisan bakers she has carefully selected and trained herself.

What I love about the Naked Appy Bread (in addition to the taste, of course!) is how versatile it is. It makes a great sandwich, top notch garlic bread, killer appetizers and, on the rare occasion if the loaf doesn't get eaten in the first day or two, it can easily be made into crostini. Lately I've been serving it with stew and it's a super yummy way to sop up all the juices.

The photo above features slices of the Naked Appy Bread with edamame-cilantro-jalepeno hummus, one topped with sundried tomato and artichoke heart, the other with slivered carrot.

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