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Review: Wildside Grill, Tofino BC

A Love-Hate Relationship With Fish

Growing up, my parents tried in vain to get me to eat fish. I couldn't stand the stuff. It smelled fishy and tasted even worse. Eventually they gave it up as a lost cause.

It wasn't until I moved to New Zealand in my mid-twenties that I discovered I don't actually hate fish, I just hate fish when it isn't fresh. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean I was spoiled by all the fresh fish available. During the three years I lived there I tried many different varieties and relished fish several times a week.

One of my favourite memories occurred when I visited Paihia, near the northern tip of the North Island. I had fish 'n chips there that was so fresh, probably only hours out of the water, that it practically melted in my mouth. Seven years later I'm still raving about it!

My fish-eating experiences in New Zealand have basically ruined me for eating fish in most other locales and even in Vancouver I don't eat fish very often these days.

The Wildside Grill: Magnificently Fresh Fish 'n Chips

Recently Hubby, Baby & I were vacationing in Tofino, BC, a gorgeous place with awe-inspiring scenery, amazing rainforest trails and gorgeous beaches. I thought, being right on the water, that this may be a good opportunity to indulge in some fish 'n chips.

The locals recommended the Wildside Grill as THE place for the best fish 'n chips in town.

Hubby & I split two orders of fish 'n chips: the panko crusted salmon and the daily special, tempura battered and panko crusted halibut, caught right off Long Beach. Each order came with fries, house-made tartar sauce and their specialty coleslaw made with apple.

The Food:
Outstanding! Out of this world! Extremely fresh! Those are some of the words that come to mind when I think of this fish. This is fish as it's meant to be, so fresh that it's practically leaping off your plate. I expect I will be talking about this fish experience for years to come.

The portions are generous and the batter is crispy and not too thick. The apple adds a distinct flavour to the coleslaw that is very appealing. Even though I was overly full I finished every last bite. Fish this fresh is too good to waste.

If you're not in the mood for fish 'n chips they also serve a variety of other foods including fish tacos, shrimp 'n chips, pulled pork, salmon, tuna, beef & chicken burgers, seafood gumbo and more.

They are also open for breakfast.

Check out the Wildside Grill Menu.

One of the things I really like about Wildside Grill is that they use local ingredients and they catch the salmon, shrimp and prawns themselves so you know it's fresh.

The Service:
Even though there was a healthy line-up, our order only took ten minutes to prepare. The staff were very friendly and courteous.

The Verdict:
A 'must' when visiting Tofino. Very fresh and great value for money. I'm sad we only discovered the place on our last night in town.

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